Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.
– Margaret J. Wheatley


Reflection Ritual Kit

A self-coaching tool to help you lead your day with clarity, courage and compassion.

Reflection Ritual Kit
In my 10 years of experience in the learning and development field, I have observed that in spite of having big aspirations many often struggle to achieve their potential. This is simply because, in the daily hustle, one usually forgets to take a moment to pause and reflect and amend any habits that obstruct growth. And when you lose control of your goals, life tends to run on autopilot making you feel lost, overwhelmed, and even demotivated.

But does this have to be your story? Absolutely not! With the right intention, discipline, and consistent self-reflection you can regain control of your life, approach your goals with clarity & lead the life of your dreams. And believe me when I say this, one does not require complicated or multiple tools to practice self-reflection. All you have to do is take one day at a time and make self-reflection a daily habit just like brushing your teeth or eating.

Wondering how to proceed? I have got your back! After closely observing the challenges faced by 1000s of professionals I have worked with & practicing Reflection myself for years, I curated a Reflection Ritual Kit for my clients. I based the kit on one of the core philosophies of my life; Less is More and designed it to encourage my clients to sit with themselves daily and think deeply on simple yet thought-provoking questions.

With consistent practice, the kit not only helped to set the tone for the day for these professionals but also created positive feelings and tamed their minds to create useful habits. It is only after seeing the kit’s massive success that I decided to open it for all.

So what is the Reflection Ritual Kit all about?

The kit is a simple yet highly effective & powerful tool to build and strengthen 9 habits; Clarity, Courage, Gratitude, Emotional Intelligence, Self Compassion, Self Appreciation, Rest, Honesty & Confidence.

Why these habits?

In my experience, these 9 habits encourage you to experience and witness growth every single day of your life without being stressed or overwhelmed.

Reflection Ritual Kit

Here’s what is included in the Reflection Ritual Kit:

sun section

Sun6 morning prompts to reflect & write in the morning

They say that morning shows the day but unfortunately, most people start their day in a rush without any clarity and in turn lead a day without any intention. While the effects of these actions may not show now but in the long run, they lead to fatigue, burnout & loss of purpose. Setting the right tone for your day can help you get out of the vicious cycle of anxiety & brain fog.

The 6 Morning Prompts assist you to start your day with an intentional mind. It compels you to:

  • Clear your mind with the Habit of Brain Dumping
  • Build Habit of Clarity by defining your own success each day & working towards it
  • Practise Habit of Confidence & Courage by showing up as the person you have envisioned yourself to be
  • Cultivate a Habit of Gratitude
  • Spend some time sending healing thoughts and prayers to the ones you wish to with the Habit of Mental Service
  • Indulge in some restoration activities with the Habit of Rest

moon5 night prompts to reflect & write in the night

Just like how it is important to begin your day with a purpose, it is also important to end it with mindful intentions. Why, you ask? Our nighttime rituals have the power to aid both our body and mind to recuperate from the day that went by & get ready for the day that is to come.

The 5 Night Prompts develop a deeper mind and body connection. It compels you to:

  • Let your thoughts out and make space for better ones with Habit of Brain Dumping
  • Identify, acknowledge, understand and manage emotions with the Habit of Emotional Intelligence
  • Celebrate small wins with the Habit of Appreciation
  • Understand the reason behind fulfilled and unfulfilled promises to yourself with the Habit of Courage & Honesty
  • Tame negative self-talk with a Habit of Self Compassion
moon section

The kit also comes with a Habit Tracker to track your progress and support you to practice the ritual consistently

The ritual kit is for you if you

  • Have a strong desire to take charge of your day
  • Are ready to put effort to begin your day with a clear mind
  • Have better control over your morning stress & anxiety
  • Are looking to include resting & peaceful sleep in your life
  • Inculcate a habit of gratitude
  • Tame negative self-talk & want to develop the habit of self-appreciation & self-compassion
  • Wish to expand your perception and explore your potential

While the kit guarantees to bring more clarity to your life by setting the right tone for the day, it is important to note that it is not a magic potion. The secret ingredient in this beautiful journey is YOU and only with your consistent curiosity, persistence, patience & discipline magic can happen.

Here’s what people who practice the Reflection Ritual have to say

Initially, it was a bit difficult because I am not used to reflecting every single day but gradually my days felt better and then started feeling incomplete without it. It has made a huge difference in how I handle my day and manage my attention and time. In the end, it’s about your intention, discipline, and patience. My favorite prompts are success, mental service, rest, and emotional intelligence.

L&D Professional, India

I was not someone who would sit and write. But I learned to trust the journey and gave it a shot. It did take time to get used to the ritual but reminders helped me to stay on track. Being Coached is much more than just coming for a 1 on 1 session. I improvised this Ritual after 3 months but this gave me a solid base to build on.

Manager, India

I did reflect on and off but I did not have any system around it. I just did it when I liked it and how I liked it. This provided a system and sessions complemented to help me move forward towards my goals. Overall, I have seen a huge difference in my self-confidence and my love and respect for myself. My favorite prompts are brain dumping, self-appreciation, and rest.

HR Professional, India

To be honest I would have been on and off with the kit if it wasn’t for the support. The Ritual Kit helped me to build a habit of Reflection. It’s easy but it needs patience and dedication. My favorite prompts are rest, success, and self-appreciation.

Sales Professional, India

About the author, Sakshi Pasricha

Sakshi has been in the field of Learning & Development for almost a decade with the majority of her corporate experience in the UAE. She has been training across industries like Telecom, Education, Facilities Management, IT, Fitness, & Manufacturing, HRO in soft & behavioral skills and, coaching individuals and professionals at different levels.

Some of her credentials include Brain Based Coach-NLI India, NLP Master Practitioner-ABNLP, Certified Master Facilitator- Blair Singer Academy, CIPD L&D-Level 5, Kirkpatrick Evaluation-Bronze Level.

Sakshi Pasricha

You cannot have a meaningful life without having self-reflection.
- Oprah Winfrey

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