The truth is, you won’t know what you are capable of until you try.

I am a Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker & Trainer. I have been in the field of Learning & Development for almost a decade with the majority of my corporate journey in the UAE. I have been Training diverse groups across industries in Soft & Behavioural skills, and Coaching individuals and professionals at different levels.

Working with different nationalities has given me a broader understanding of human behaviour. My audience has been as diverse as my own life experiences. Whether I am fostering self-reflection and empowering beliefs among university students or facilitating a workshop with experienced professionals, I emphasize on the importance of Self-Awareness and having a purpose bigger than oneself in mind.

Sakshi Pasricha


Keynote Speaker

Trainer & Facilitator

Performance Coach

One of the core beliefs she lives by is each one of us is more than what we think and that’s what gives her the purpose to support and empower individuals & organizations with the right mindset, beliefs & tools to convert their goals into reality.


Minddlesex Uni Dubai
Girl Up
Youth For Mental Health
Body Smart Dubai
Aleem Business Congress

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