Candid Conversations

Candid Conversations is an attempt to provide a Psychological Safe place where people from different backgrounds and age groups come together to listen to each other’s thoughts and experiences & speak their minds & hearts. Each Candid’s topic is decided there and then by the participants hence every session is a surprise.

At Candid, we don’t fake it till we make it; we appreciate the truth and reality in each other, so you are welcome as and who you are. Size of the group allows us all to be vulnerable when we speak & listen. This is not a group of perfect human beings but rather imperfect ones who are working towards creating a world of acceptance, inclusiveness, vulnerability and accountability.

Practicing Reflection is a critical part of Candid Conversations; hence you will receive a couple of questions to reflect on after the meet-up. Reflection helps us flex our thinking and feeling muscles and supports us in enhancing our Emotional Intelligence.

Candid is great for you if you want to:

  • Meet people from different cities, countries and backgrounds
  • Listen to their life experiences
  • Share your mind & heart
  • Ask questions about Self Improvement & Growth
  • Stretch your perspective about people, situations and life

Frequency: Twice a month

Duration: 90 Minutes

Number of people per session: 13

I look forward to meeting you in the next Candid.