Back in 2020, when our lives got confined to our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, little did we know that it would give rise to another kind of pandemic; a pandemic of loneliness. Physical distancing, remote work that took up most of our time & unexpected responsibilities just gave rise to social isolation devoid of meaningful connections.

So much so that even today we feel the implications of the social isolation we endured. For example, many of us still find it difficult to be vulnerable or express ourselves freely.

Candid Conversations is my humble attempt to break the psychological barrier holding people back from being true to themselves and provide a human space where they can come together to speak their minds and heart & listen to each other’s thoughts and experiences.

What makes Candid Conversations different?

For each Candid Conversations session, we have a small group of 12 people who are ready to appreciate the truth and reality in each other and are not clouded with the fake it till you make it attitude. This is not a group of perfect human beings but rather imperfect ones who are consciously working towards a world of acceptance, inclusiveness, vulnerability, and accountability.

And with this pure intention, the group is able to beautifully create a human space that makes reflective efforts to make each participant feel safe and included. We also understand that this freedom of expression of personal stories or thoughts of any participant may trigger another participant. This is why the group is made aware at the start to acknowledge their triggers and share concerns, if any, in an attempt to make the space safe for them.

As a facilitator, I assist in helping the group with a topic of discussion of their choice and let these inspiring humans from different walks of life take over from there. We have university students & working professionals from around the world who come together to have a heart-to-heart conversation on the chosen topic which can be about anything. Some of the topics that we have shared our thoughts on include happiness, mental health, anxiety, productive mindset, romantic relationships, manifestation, sexual harassment, parents & more.

Occasionally, I do chime in with my thoughts when directed with a query but this platform is mainly for the participants to be their authentic selves. The platform gives a voice to the people and ensures that they know that their thoughts, feelings, and stories matter. And with every Candid Conversation, my faith in the fact that conversations heal us gets stronger & stronger. And if you join our next session then you would believe in it too!

You should join the next Candid Conversation if you:

  • Love interacting with people belonging to different backgrounds
  • Wish to voice your unexpressed feelings and thoughts
  • Are ready to stretch your perspective about people, situations, and life
  • Are curious about self-improvement and growth

Here’s what people have to say

Candid Conversations (CC) has helped me learn a lot of new things with new people. I joined CC to overcome my inhibitions about talking to new people and voicing opinions and I can see I am growing. This is a beautiful space.

Channeling my thoughts and presenting them articulately is something I had issues with. This platform provides me the perfect opportunity to build myself on my inner side and also have fun and make new friends.

Candid Conversations largely has given me so much perspective. I have really enjoyed listening to all the people who join in, they have such amazing things to tell. It’s like traveling the world but through people

It’s a great interactive session that facilitates understanding others’ perspectives.

I’d repeat again and again that Candid Conversations has always given me ideas as to how to live life and what is the nature of my existence.

I’ve begun listening more for understanding and despite always being an empath, this has increased it more so.

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